Grants and Projects


NSF-Engineering for Natural Hazards (ENH), Collaborative Research: Resilience of Geotechnical Infrastructure under a Changing Climate: Quantitative Assessment for Extreme Events, UCI PI (AghaKouchak A.), 9/2016-8/2019 (Collaborating with PI Vahedifard, Mississippi State University).


NSF, INFEWS: Monitoring and managing food, energy, and water systems under stress: The California crucible, PI (Davis S.), Co-PIs (AghaKouchak A., Jack Brouwer, Jennifer Burney, Frances Moore), 9/2016-8/2021.


NSF, Weather Augmented Risk Determination System (WARDS), PI (AghaKouchak A.), 7/2017-1/2018.


CEC, A Multi-Hazard Investigation of Climate Vulnerability of the Natural Gas Energy System in Southern California, PI (AghaKouchak A.), Co-PIs (Kuolin Hsu, Jack Brouwer), 8/2016-7/2018.


NASA, Advancing Drought Onset Detection and Seasonal Prediction Using a Composite of NASA Models and Satellite Data, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 12/2014-11/2018.


NSF, A Nested Multi-Scale Hydrological Modeling Framework: Assessing Resilience and Vulnerability to Climate Change, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 9/2013-8/2016.


NOAA, Advancing Drought Monitoring and Prediction Using a MultiIndex Multivariate Framework, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 9/2014-8/2017.


NSF, Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 10/2013-9/2014.


ARO, Frameworks for Analysis of Regional, Concurrent, Conditional and Non-Stationary Extremes in Geosciences, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 12/2014-11/2015.


DWR, Drought Emergency Seasonal Forecasting via Conditional Analog Years, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 7/2014-6/2015.


CEC, Building a Climate Change Resilient Electricity System for Meeting California's Energy and Environmental Goals, PI (Samuelsen S.), Co-PIs (AghaKouchak A., Feldman D., Tarroja B., Madani K., Shaffer B.P.), 7/2015-6/2018.


NSF, Hazards SEES Type 2: Preventing Flood Hazards from Becoming Disasters through Two-Way Communication of Parcel-Level Flood Risk, PI (Sanders B.), Co-PIs (Famiglietti J., Basolo V., Matthew R., Houston J., AghaKouchak A.), 9/2013-8/2017.


NASA/JPL, Analysis of Weather and Climate Extremes Using AIRS Satellite Data, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 5/2013-4/2014.


USBR, Quantifying Climate Projections Uncertainty Using a Non-Gaussian Model and an Adaptive Weighting Ensemble Algorithm: Application to Water Resources Management, PI (AghaKouchak A.), 10/2011-9/2013.


NSF-PIRE, Low Energy Options for Making Water from Wastewater, PI (Grant S.), Co-Is/Investigators (AghaKouchak A., R Ambrose, P Bowler, B Cooper, R Detwiler, S Elghobashi, D Feldman, S Jiang, R Lejano, L Levin, M McBride, M Prather, J.D. Saphores, D Rosso, B Sanders, A Sengupta, E Stein, M Sutula, W Tang, K Treseder, J Vrugt, R Brown, P Cook, A Deletic, T Fletcher, A Hamilton, I Marusic, D McCarthy, M Stewardson, A Western), 10/2012-9/2017, UCI PIRE Website.

World Bank

World Bank, Impacts of Global Climate Change (GCC) on the Water Resources of Morocco, PI (Sorooshian S.), Co-PIs (AghaKouchak A., Li J.), 9/2011-12/2012.


ARO, Improving near real-time high-resolution satellite-derived precipitation estimation for hydrologic modeling and decision-making applications, PI (Sorooshian S.), Co-PIs (AghaKouchak A., Hsu K., Gao X.), 9/2011-8/2014.

Research Areas

Hydroclimatic Extremes

Hydroclimatic Extremes: (a) monitoring extremes using satellite/radar-derived data; (b) analysis of extremes and their precursors using statistical and learning algorithms; (c) inference on the dynamics of extremes; (d) analysis of concurrent extremes; (e) diagnosis, assessment and prediction of extremes severity, duration and spatiotemporal patterns using gauge and remotely sensed data.

Drought Monitoring and Prediction

Drought Monitoring and Prediction: (a) drought monitoring using satellites; (b) spatial patterns of droughts; (c) multi-index drought analysis; Multivariate Standardized Drought Index (MSDI); developing drought climate data records. Visit the Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS)

Multivariate Hydrological Analysis Using Copulas

Multivariate Hydrological Analysis Using Copulas: (a) modeling spatial dependence structure using copulas; (b) extreme value copulas; (c) modeling non-Gaussian dependencies; (d) simulation of multivariate dependent random fields.

Probabilistic Flood Modeling and Statistical Hydrology

Probabilistic Flood Modeling and Statistical Hydrology: (a) using statistical models and remote sensing data for probabilistic flood and landslide forecasting; (b) ensemble simulation; (c) probabilistic risk analysis; (d) global surface water and soil moisture simulation.

Error Analysis and Decomposition

Error Analysis and Decomposition: (a) error characterization; (b) spatial patterns of error in remotely sensed data; (c) uncertainty analysis; (d) error decomposition; (e) bias removal.

Engineering Education & Outreach

Engineering Education & Outreach: development of hands-on modeling tools for students in civil engineering and earth science disciplines to help them learn the fundamentals of hydrologic processes, and climate variability.