Multi-hazard Scenario Analysis Toolbox (MhAST)

Multi-hazard Scenario Analysis Toolbox (MhAST), Version 2.0

Release: 12/08/2018

Source Code: Matlab

MhAST is the updated version of MvCAT and it presents a general framework for obtaining multi‐hazard design and risk assessment scenarios and their corresponding likelihoods. MhAST can be used for generating joint return periods using different hazard scenarios (e.g., OR, AND Hazard Scenarios). Similar to MvCAT it is developed in Matlab as a user-friendly toolbox (software). It uses 26 copula families with 1 to 3 parameters to describe the dependence structure of two random variables. Both the source code and a graphical user interface (GUI) are available to the public. The parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis components are similar to MvCAT

Download Source Code

MATLAB source code of MhAST including automatic parameter uncertainty estimation and sample input data can be retrieved from here:

Download MhAST Matlab Code

Reference Publication

Sadegh M., Moftakhari H.M., Gupta H.V., Ragno E., Mazdiyasni O., Sanders, B.F., Matthew, R.A., AghaKouchak A., 2018, Multi‐Hazard Scenarios for Analysis of Compound Extreme Events , Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 5470-5480, doi: 10.1029/2018GL077317 (pdf)